Avira Antivirus Server

Delivers privacy, protection, and performance for your network

Business acumen. Vision. Leader- ship. What are these without a se- cure and high-performance network infrastructure? Frequent downtime due to malware can hamstring op- erations. Compromised corporate secrets or leaked customer data can jeopardize the venture. Avira Anti- virus Server prevents this from hap- pening by securing your network, data, and web traffic .

Powered by advanced cloud technol- ogy, our resource-light security solu- tion has achieved 100% detection rates in both on-demand and on-ac- cess tests, and has been honored with awards by leading industry labs in many tests, including malware re- moval, usability, and performance.

  • Award-winning security: Avira Antivirus Server offers web protection, traffic filtering, and a powerful engine, which protects your business files and customer data from 30 million daily threats.

  • On-access protection: Our real-time cloud technology secures your running processes, files on access, and system memory against spyware, rootkits, and other hidden malware.

  • On-demand protection: We secure all the confidential information stored on your hard drives. For your convenience and security, choose between manual scans or schedule them automatically.

  • Network protection: Avira Antivirus Server prevents viruses from spreading across all nodes and infecting your net- work. We keep your corporate secrets safe, private, and out of hackers’ hands.

  • Resource-light: Even with powerful antivirus technology running, your servers maintain their peak performance under heavy loads.

  • Fast updates: Fast and free virus definition up- dates are delivered automatically to your servers without hogging your bandwidth or holding up your workflow.

  • Easy to manage: Our modern, clearly structured user interface lets you manage your antivirus program with ease. Your security status is visible at a glance and scan logs are easily retrievable.

  • No maintenance costs: No maintenance or other hidden costs. Avira doesn’t interfere with server uptime or avail- ability. Outstanding customer support is there when you need it and included in the service.