Security for Micro and Small Businesses

The success of your business is largely dependent on how secure your PCs, lap- tops, and tablets are and, as a result, how you protect your customers’ data. Avira Antivirus Pro supports you with award-winning, next-generation Avira security technology – reliable, tried and tested by millions of IT users, and a prime example of German engineering. This software facilitates convenient, centralized manage- ment and recognizes malware attacks from the outset thanks to cloud real-time protection. No matter what files your employees open, or where and how they work with the Internet, using Avira Antivirus Pro means that you never need to worry about cyber threats again.

Avira Antivirus Pro Functions

  • Antivirus Stops all types of malware such as viruses, worms, and Trojans
  • AntiAd/AntiSpywareBlocks online spies and annoying adware
  • Browser SafetyProtects against website-based viruses and malware
  • Mail ProtectionChecks incoming and outgoing emails and attach- ments for malware
  • Network Drive ProtectionChecks shared folders for malware
  • Advanced Real-Time ProtectionCloud-based Avira detection technology
  • Technical SupportFree access to our security experts
Why should I choose Avira Antivirus Pro
  • Avira Protection Cloud: Protection at the highest level thanks to lightning-fast scans and virus detection patterns updated in real-time
  • Clear, simple user interface
  • Powerful detection technology: Antivirus technology developed in-house that always wins top awards for its outstanding detection capabilities time and time again
  • Avira Real-Time Protection monitors all data access
  • Our Online Essentials Web Portal gives you an overview of all your devices